Reminder regarding FPL account security

Reminder regarding FPL account security

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We are aware of a small number of Fantasy Premier League managers reporting that their team has either been deleted or compromised in some way.

There is no indication or evidence of a security breach on the accounts of these individuals via or the Premier League mobile app.

We would like to take this opportunity, however, to remind all FPL managers that sharing your FPL login credentials – email address and/or password – with third-party websites or applications puts the security of your FPL team at risk.

We have never condoned or endorsed the use of third-party websites or applications to aid FPL team management.

In addition, we recommend that FPL managers practise good password hygiene by using a strong password that would be hard to guess, creating a unique password for FPL that isn’t used elsewhere, and updating the password regularly.

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