Press release

Press release

In relation to Ordinary Proceedings 150/2021 and interim measures 150/2021 – 0001 (Super League case), conducted by the Juzgado de lo Mercantil (Commercial Court) no. 17 of Madrid, following the Court having recognised the interest that Liga Nacional de FĂștbol Profesional (LaLiga) has in the result of the interim measures adopted without hearing the other party and in the future ruling on the main proceedings, and having admitted its attendance in court as a party to the same, LaLiga has filed a motion for recusal of the distinguished Judge.

This motion for recusal filed by LaLiga is primarily based on the appreciation of partiality in the conduct of the aforementioned Judge. Specifically, in the content of different court orders handed down in the proceedings, the way in which the proceedings are conducted, the continuous public leaks of information concerning the case before notification to the parties, which seem to come from the Court itself, and the possible public expression of its position regarding the future ruling. These circumstances work to the detriment of the essential guarantees that should be present in all legal proceedings.

In view of the foregoing, in LaLiga’s opinion, one of the grounds for recusal provided for in the Judiciary Act can be appreciated, thus justifying the aforementioned motion being filed.

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